Journey more complex?

Journey more complex?

Our 8 seater minibus hire service consists of smaller minibuses and people carriers which are of many different makes and models. Some of these vehicles have been converted from box vans into minibuses, such as Mercedes Vito, Ford Transit Volkswagen Crafter and many more.

These smaller vehicles are legislated by the local council who make sure that all vehicles are tested twice a year and kept to the highest standard when it comes to the safety of the passengers. Some vehicles on our fleet include types that concertina type doors, which basically means that they have automatic opening and closing doors, this can be useful for everyone but especially if you have a disability of some sort.

Some of these vehicles also have disabled access for wheelchairs with the correct ramp fitted which has been checked and passed by all the relevant authorities. It is of paramount importance that disabled passengers looking to book a minibus gets exactly what they are looking for and that their every need is taken care of.

Some times it is essential for minibus companies to have tachographs in their fleet of minibuses, this applies to vehicles of 9 seats and above, this enables the relevant authorities to ensure that every driver is taking their rest period on time and not driving more hours than the law allows them to throughout the week.

When looking for the best minibus hire service then it is important to find a company that has proven track record, and one you can trust. What is the best way of finding a company for you? there are so many companies out there with websites and claiming to be the best, but you have to look deeper than this, unlike Swift Minibus Hire many of these companies have been running for no longer than a few months, Swift Minibus Hire is now into its 10th year and growing day by day.

Also you may notice a lot of websites for minibus hire online nowadays that don’t actually have any minibuses rather they act as the “middlemen”, they take your booking for considerably more than you local firm and then pass on the job to a smaller minibus firm after taking out the commission, so we advise staying away from these brokers.

Also, it is essential to find a company that has all the correct licenses for all its vehicles and drivers. at Swift Minibus Hire all our vehicles have been tested by VOSA the governing body of the transport industry, all our vehicles are insured fully comprehensive as we understand that no passengers want to be travelling in a vehicle that is not safe or correctly licensed.