Journey more complex?

Journey more complex?

Our 24 seater minibus hire services offer the largest size vehicle available and are the most elite in our fleet. This 24 seater minibus is ideal for large groups either looking to book for a corporate event or maybe a day out at the races.

They are ideal for long distance trips as they are not only loaded with the luxuries as the rest of the mini-buses on the fleet but also due to their size this gives them an edge when it comes to carrying large amounts of luggage. These vehicles are very popular on our tours mainly due to the comfort and size.

All Vehicles are fitted with state of the art GPS devices that enable the driver to drive you to your destination while avoiding all the hustle of the busiest roads, which is key when travelling to an important business meeting or maybe for an airport transfer.

One of the main issues that people have when looking for the perfect minibus hire firm is that the driver or the company itself does not have the correct license or insurance to run such a firm, but here at Swift Minibus Hire we assure you that our every vehicle is insured and checked by all the relevant governing bodies to ensure that they are safe for you to travel in.

Every driver is fully qualified and holds a PSV license enabling them to drive any of our vehicles. We will provide you with honest quotes at the cheapest prices possible. Rather than just provide you with the basic transport from one place to another, we go way beyond this and set higher standards for ourselves and our competitors.

When looking for the best minibus service available then it is important to find a company that has proven track record, and one you can trust. What is the best way of finding a company for you?

There are so many companies out there with websites and claiming to be the best, but you have to look deeper than this, unlike Swift Minibus Hire many of these companies have been running for no longer than a few months, Swift is now into its 10th year and growing day by day.

You may notice a lot of websites for minibus hire online nowadays that don’t actually have any minibuses rather they act as the “middlemen”, they take your booking for considerably more than you local firm and then pass on the job to a smaller minibus firm after taking out the commission, so we advise staying away from these brokers.