Journey more complex?

Journey more complex?

Berkshire is one of the oldest counties and if often referred to as the royal county, this is due to the Windsor castle being located in the county. In addition to Windsor castle, there is the Medical Heritage Centre in Berkshire, which has one of the country’s most amazing and unique museums.

 It gives you a fantastic insight into medical history, which dates back to the 1700s. Don’t miss the medical collections, which have been transformed over the years and discover how the hospitals were run back in the days and find out how many of the hospitals survived during the world wars. The Heritage Centre has photographs, artefacts, and amazing displays dating back almost 300 years.

It’s a fantastic day out for children and elders alike you are sure to learn something new. So if you have a group of friends and you are in the southeast of England then we would definitely recommend taking a trip to the museum and discover how the medical industry has helped save so many lives over the past many centuries. Call Swift Minibus Hire free now on 0800 066 3058 and we can arrange for you and your friends to be transported to all the popular places to visit.

A day out at the Royal Windsor Racecourse is not like any other day at any other racecourse, this is truly an amazing experience not to be missed, your day is sure to be a fun filled with all the thrills that come hand in hand with spending a day with the Royals.

With the beautiful and picturesque surrounding situated on the banks of the Thames, the Racecourse could not be located in a better spot, and with so many restaurants and other fun activities that you can do in and around the racecourse, you are sure to have the time of your life.

Why not have a mouthwatering meal at one of the gorgeous restaurants within the racecourse while keeping an eye out for the winner. Or maybe enjoy your favourite cocktails with friends at one of the bars.

Why not let Swift Minibus Hire make it a day to remember, book one of our executive minibuses and arrive in style. With the piece of mind that all out minibus drivers are highly qualified and hold all the relevant qualifications to drive these types of vehicles.

If you are in Berkshire then why not check out The Havana Restaurant in Windsor it’s the perfect place to just sit back and relax, grab yourself a drink from the bar and just chill while listening to some live music by some quality local bands. Or if you are feeling a bit peckish the why not taste some of the finest dishes prepared for you by its world-renowned chefs who are constantly cooking up some new and exciting dishes.

The atmosphere in the Havana is calm and relaxing. So why not come to sample the dishes and the atmosphere and better still call Swift Minibus to take you there.